Terms & Conditions

  1. Customers should verify that all information, including product colour, model, price, size and product descriptions, is accurately you wanted before making payment. Customers are required to settle the balance due in cash upon product delivery. Amendment or exchange for specially order (promotion products, display products) or tailored-made products will not be accepted.
  2. Color shown may be slightly different from actual products. Due to color variance between photo and actual product, refund cannot be made for this reason.
  3. Customers ordering furniture products with delivery service are required deposits of the invoice amount. Deposits of the furniture products paid will be forfeited if customers fail to accept delivery over 3 months.
  4. Customer requesting for changes in products already ordered (Ma.ni Home Services Limited reserves the rights not to change). Changeable only within next working day of ordering for furniture products: The value of the switched products must not be lower than the amount paid by customers. Additional 10% of original product price or $300, whichever is lower as handling charge will be charged. Products delivered and not yet un-packed: customers are required to pay the balance due plus an additional $500 handling charges. Products delivered and un-packed: changes will not be accepted and customers are required to pay the balance due. In all circumstances, goods will be got back by delivery man if balance due could not be paid simultaneously and customer need to bear the extra cost of delivery.
  5. Customer has to take the responsibility for checking goods after installed by delivery man. Customer should notify delivery man or related shop if any problem is found. Goods is recognized in good condition if nothing is lodged while delivery. No replacement will be proceeded or surcharge is needed for repairing.
  6. All lightings inside furniture products are for reference only and installation services are excluded.
  7. Customers should ensure the product dimension, measurement of doorway, hallway, lift and the installation area is fit for product delivery and installation purpose. Ma.ni Home Services Limited will not accept responsibility for delivery and installation failure under any such circumstances. Customers are required to pay additional delivery charge to the delivery team if the products have to be delivered through staircase or hand-trucked. For futher information, please enquiry our staff.
  8. Customers are requested to notify Ma.ni Home Services Limited 7 days in advance for amendment in delivery date. Different brands of products may have different delivery schedules. Ma.ni Home Services Limited will use its reasonable endeavor, but cannot guarantee, to deliver the products on the same day / the same time. Ma.ni Home Services Limited will not be held responsible for delivery delay due to circumstances beyond the Ma.ni Home Services Limited control. If delivery date fixed and need to be changed by customer, should notify delivery team or shop in not less than 2 working days. All expense will be borne by customer for insufficient time of notification.
  9. Customers self pick up specially ordered products arrangement. Customers should pick up the product at the invoicing shop within 7 days. Failure to do so, customers should pick up the product at Ma.ni Home Services Limited godown and would be charged $100 handling fee. Deposits paid will be forfeited if customers fail to self pick up goods ordered over 30 days.
  10. Should there be any amendments made on the details / items, please email to info@manihome.hk together with copy of original invoice.
  11. Due to materials used or hand-made products, there will be a +/-3cm variance in size.

We reserve the right to terminate or vary the above offers. In the event of any dispute, our decision shall be final and conclusive.

These terms and conditions form the integral part of the General Terms and Conditions.